I started this blog with no specific purpose in mind. I wasn’t trying to educate anyone on a specific subject. I wasn’t hoping for hordes of followers or to become world famous. I wasn’t even trying to be the latest sensation to sweep the internet with my writing prowess.

I have always been one to keep a journal. It started out when I was eight years old with my first diary . . . a small, pink, Cabbage Patch Kids diary. Through my various journals since that first one you can follow my hopes and dreams, my crushes, my fears, my anger . . . everything that I carry around in my heart is on those pages.

Over time I gravitated away from journal pages to poems and short stories. As I have grown older the pages of my old journals collect dust but the things in my heart are still fresh and new, and they still need to come out. That is why I write.

“A Tale Of A T-Rex” was originally started as an outlet for things I was doing in my life that I could not talk to anyone else about.  I hid behind the pseudonym of Carrie Leigh for about 2 years so that nobody would know who I really was.  Since the birth of “A Tale Of A T-Rex” my life has undergone a lot of big changes.  God has removed the things I was doing that caused me to start this blog, and since then it has become a journal of my on-going walk with Christ.  I hope you join me on that walk.  It’s not always a smooth walk.  I stumble.  I fall.  I have good days and bad days.  But through it all God is right there in front of me lighting my way through the dark and into the light.

Please feel free to step into my mind. I hope you enjoy my poems, short stories, random musings, writing challenge/scripture writing plans, favorites posts from other people.  And take the time for the posts that I am most excited about . . . the entire Bible in a year.

I love to hear from fellow writers. Did a post of mine make you smile, or tear up? Did it make you laugh, or make you angry? Did it take you down memory lane, or inspire you? Please feel free to comment and let me know how my journey through life has impacted yours. After all, we are all traveling together in this thing called Life.

I hope you have a great day, and thank you for stopping by. Feel free to kick your feet up and stay for a while.

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4 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog Carrie.
    I love your writing full of compassion and care,willing to hurt with those who are hurting. You are right we are all on the same journey, the final destination influenced by others more than we could know. Good to know you are traveling along with me. Continue to let your light shine bright!

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