Fear or loss of motivation

Greetings to you, friend! A few observations from yesterday . . . Driving home from work I saw two middle-aged men on scooters racing down the road like they thought they were in a Nascar race. There was a piece of what used to be a big-truck tire lying on the side of the highway … Continue reading Fear or loss of motivation

Ready for Spring Training

I am a St. Louis Cardinals fan.  I have been all of my life.  They have a fantastic and storied history, and are a team that has produced hometown favorites and world-renowned legends. Tonight I watched their season come to a rather inglorious end.  Throughout the game I hoped that maybe, just maybe, we would … Continue reading Ready for Spring Training

Nice to meet you!

Greetings and salutations, my friend.  Welcome to this new venture in my writing "career." As we get to know each other more you will learn that I love to talk and love to write . . . poems, short stories, e-mails, notes-to-self, grocery lists, messages in greeting cards.  Most of what I write is, in … Continue reading Nice to meet you!