Renew perspective through my mom’s eyes

Last I finished typing the rough draft of my book.  i hit the work count button and was quite proud of the 90,000+ words that had poured from me.  This whole book has been not just a labor of love, to sound cliche, but also a challenge to myself.  I wanted to see if I … Continue reading Renew perspective through my mom’s eyes

Take The Chance (poem)

Willing to take the chance Willing to risk being hurt Your smile, your eyes, your laugh Outweigh what protecting my heart is worth From you I won't hide I will give you all I am I will risk a broken heart When I, to you, reach out my hand I know there will be tears … Continue reading Take The Chance (poem)

Temper tantrum to peace

Call me a sucker for punishment or just one to overreact but there is something to be said for having a good old fashioned melting down temper tantrum. I have a tendency to keep everything bottled up inside.  I don't want to dump my negativity on my friends.  I am the perky, smiley friend.  I'm … Continue reading Temper tantrum to peace

The Sunshine Blog Award

It seems that my ramblings, poetry, and short stories have earned me a nomination for the Sunshine Blog Award.  Many thanks to Matthew Black for the nomination.  I don't have a speech prepared or anything.  I'm a couple of days behind on this so please forgive me.  The way it works is I have to … Continue reading The Sunshine Blog Award

Fix my broken heart

According to Wikipedia this is the definition of a broken heart:  A broken heart (or heartbreak) is a common metaphor for the intense emotional pain or suffering one feels after losing a loved one, whether through death, divorce, breakup, physical separation, betrayal, or romantic rejection. That definition doesn't quite do justice to what it feels … Continue reading Fix my broken heart

Music to breathe

What is your favorite song?  Is it something fast or slow?  Something that you can pour your heart into when singing in the car, or something that makes you dance around your living room? Why is it your favorite song?  Does it remind you of someone or something?  Does it make you happy whenever you … Continue reading Music to breathe

Lost (poem)

I do not cry for who you wereBut instead what you could have beenMy tears fall for your lost hopesFor your unrealized dreamsWould you have been a doctor,A fireman, mom or dadWould you have been president or teacherOr a soldier fighting all the badWill the world be differentWithout your tomorrowWill the world recover from your … Continue reading Lost (poem)

Journey (poem)

The road I've traveled has taken me everywhereThe ups and downs, the love and hateSearching and findingIn life's journey of give and takeEveryone I've encountered left a piece with meAdding to who I amSome were beautiful, some mean and sadMaking up my heart, for the good and the badI have no regrets for the turns … Continue reading Journey (poem)

Across the room (short story)

She saw him from across the room.  Her eyes, which had been merely scanning everyone, caught on him and couldn't move.  She was captivated by him.  His warm and uninhibited smile.  His gentle eyes.  The comfort and ease with which he seemed to own the room.  She watched him throw his head back in laughter, … Continue reading Across the room (short story)

My Pen (poem)

Heartbreak overflowingA warm smile showingNew love growingIt all flows from my penEmotions into wordslike a whisper barely heardAll the joy, sadness, hope and hurt,It all flows from my penA timeline of my heartEach sentence, an emotional partof life, sometimes easy, sometimes hardIt all flows from my penAll the tears held inand the love there to … Continue reading My Pen (poem)