Broken fairy tale (short story)

Once upon a time there were two friends . . . a man and a woman.  They were so close that they were often mistaken for brother and sister.  They laughed together, cried together, played together.  They seemed to be made from the same heart and soul.  The two became synonymous with each other.  It got to be that, by other people, one friends name was not said without the other friends name.

Then one day the woman turned to the man only to find that he was standing a short distance away from her.  Distance had never separated them.  She reached out her hand to him but he took a step back from her.  She called out his name but he could barely hear her voice.  With each day that passed the distance between them grew.  Each day she reached for him and each day he moved further away from her.  Each day she called out his name and each day her voice struggled to breach the growing distance between them until it no longer could.  Day after day she fought to close the distance between them, but for every step that she took forward he took two steps away from her.

Wanting to hold on to her friend the woman didn’t want to stop reaching out for him.  She didn’t understand why he had put such distance between them.  She wanted to bring him back.  She was afraid that one day she would reach out her hand or call his name only to discover that he was no longer there.

One day she turned to her friend.  She reached out her hand.  She called his name across the endless distance.  He was gone.


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