Finish Line (poem)

You are it.  You are the one.

You are who I’ve been searching for all my life

You are the sun and the moon

You are the stars twinkling in the sky

So many led the charge before you

trying to take your place

So many times I had them mistaken

for the finish line in the race

But the moment you appeared

I knew my search found its end

I knew I found you, the one

I finally found my best friend

My heart smiles with yours

My eyes shed your tears

My soul echoes with your laughter

I tremble with your fears

So many years spent searching

for the other half of me

Seeing pieces of your puzzle in everyone else

until the day you made my puzzle complete

You will never really know how much you mean

to my heart, my life, my soul

There will never be words enough

for how finding you made me whole

But know that I love you

And am thankful for you everyday

I’m thankful for the years spent searching

And the man who ended my search one day

By:  Carrie Leigh


Use of original writings without permission is prohibited.


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