Journey (poem)

The road I’ve traveled has taken me everywhere
The ups and downs, the love and hate
Searching and finding
In life’s journey of give and take
Everyone I’ve encountered left a piece with me
Adding to who I am
Some were beautiful, some mean and sad
Making up my heart, for the good and the bad
I have no regrets for the turns I’ve taken
You have to get lost to find your way
I’ve let go of the anger at those who tried to hurt me
Surviving you made me that much harder to break
I look back fondly on the hearts that were shared
In friendship and true love
Because of you I can give of myself
And have faith that I can rise above
My road has not been easy
But I’ve traveled it the best I could
I learned to take the bumps and curves
And to find the light out of the woods
By:  Carrie Leigh

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