Lost (poem)

I do not cry for who you were
But instead what you could have been
My tears fall for your lost hopes
For your unrealized dreams
Would you have been a doctor,
A fireman, mom or dad
Would you have been president or teacher
Or a soldier fighting all the bad
Will the world be different
Without your tomorrow
Will the world recover from your loss
And ever be able to get past our sorrow
You were so innocent and young
With so much life to still be lived
And in one horrible moment you were gone
Your bight future heartbreakingly dimmed
Were you scared when it happened
Did you scream and cry
Did you pray for divine protection
Di you go out with a fight
So many in the world didn’t know you
But mourn you with all our heart
You were part of the world’s future
And now it’s ripped apart
We will try to rebuild and move forward
We’ll try to continue to live
We’ll try not to see you everywhere
But will always mourn the lost kids
By:  Carrie Leigh
I wrote this after the tornado in Moore, OK in May, 2013.  I saw a story on the news about an elementary school that got hit while the children were still inside.  So many precious babies were lost.  I cried so hard as I imagined the heartbreak that those families had to suffer through.  I went home that night and hugged my son so tight.

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