Some things are just never meant to be no matter how much we want them. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is let go of what you wanted. Sometimes your own pride is your worst enemy. "I'm sorry," are two of the hardest words to say.  "I was wrong," are the hardest three words. Sometimes … Continue reading Lessons

“I Swear” I hate that song!

As some of you may already know I work in radio.  I am a d.j. and spend a lot of time in the studio.  As a matter of fact I am writing this while in the middle of my airshift. Now, those of you who do not work in radio complain all the time about … Continue reading “I Swear” I hate that song!

Be still, my rushing brain

Have you ever had that feeling that there were words inside of you that wanted to come out but you didn't know what needed to be said?  Have you ever felt like there was some feeling or emotion growing but you couldn't put your finger on what it was? I rarely sit down with the … Continue reading Be still, my rushing brain

Disguise (poem)

Her musical laughterLike a song out of tuneShe floats through her daysLike a tornado in JuneHer joyous smileHides the cracks on her soulHer kind, gentle wordsHide the hurt taking its tollBut have no fearShe'll wear her false faceShe will hide all that hurtsAnd light up the placeShe'll look at youThrough pain-darkened eyesAnd strive to make … Continue reading Disguise (poem)

The Beast. (poem)

A desperate should will do anythingTo find comfort and peaceLie, cheat, steal, robAnything to escape the dark beastSwallowed up by the festering angerThat threatens to kill the heartClawing out from the oppressive weightBefore it rips her apart By:  Carrie Leigh12.29.13

Wasteland (poem)

Empty, aloneSurrounded by lifeSwallowed by darknessDrowning by strifeTarget for angerTime bomb of fearWanting to be closeBut please don't come nearReaching ever upwardHappiness beyond graspSentenced to heartbreakA living death that, forever, lastsSun shining downCan not penetrate the soulThe barren soil of the heartCan never be made wholeInspiring hate and angerThe toxic mind of the worldTwisted, ugly, … Continue reading Wasteland (poem)

A visit from poetry past

You may have noticed over the last few days that I have been posting a lot of poems from well before I started this blog.  That is because I go through periods of flood and drought when it comes to writing.  Sometimes I can't keep myself in paper enough to record all the words that … Continue reading A visit from poetry past

A Sign (poem)

I sat by your grave the day after we buried youAnd asked God for a signSomething to show you were in his armsAnd that you were doing fineI sat in thick green grassUnder the warm May sunFelt the breeze on my skinClouds in the sky, there were noneI glanced to my leftAnd looking back at … Continue reading A Sign (poem)

Real? (poem)

One day it will seem realWhat was taken from usWe cry, we scream, we rage, we yellBecause we miss you so muchIt’s so easy to say “I’ll see you again”But that doesn’t quite stop the painI wish there was just one more chanceOne more minute, hour, daySo much to say, if given the chanceSo much … Continue reading Real? (poem)

Without My Angel (poem)

I know an angelShe sits in Heaven watching over meThough there are times I wish she were hereI know, with her as my angel, alone I’ll never beBut there are daysWhen I miss her so muchI miss her soft voiceAnd her gentle, loving touchI miss her smileI miss her laughAnd I plead with GodTo let … Continue reading Without My Angel (poem)