Regret (poem)

A lost chance caused
By a crazy heart
An open door closed
A future ripped apart
A wish to do it over
Differently from where it began
Leaves only one regret in life
And hope the door will open again
By:  Carrie Leigh

Prophecy (poem)

The moment I got scared
And pushed you away
Was the moment I realized
I’d give up everything
For you I would have risked it all
Given up all I knew
The years, the stability, the unhappiness
All of it for you
You turned my world upside down
With those bedroom eyes
And in a single moment I saw everything
For you I’d tell it all goodbye
But my fear of the unknown pushed you away
Destroyed what I longed for
My self-fulfilling prophecy
Shut tight loves open door
By:  Carrie Leigh

Close The Crazy Heart (poem)

You were sunshine in the dark
Stars in a jet black sky
A rainbow after a tornado
A glimmer in a closed eye
My heart opened up to you
But I quickly shut the door
Afraid that you would hurt me
Though I wanted more
My crazy heart turned cold and mean
When all it wanted was your warmth
I pushed you away and destroyed the chance
That, my insecurity, I could rise above
Now I’ll never know what could have been
I’ll always have one regret
If I had trusted you like I should
If I hadn’t killed it before it began
By:  Carrie Leigh