A Sign (poem)

I sat by your grave the day after we buried you
And asked God for a sign
Something to show you were in his arms
And that you were doing fine
I sat in thick green grass
Under the warm May sun
Felt the breeze on my skin
Clouds in the sky, there were none
I glanced to my left
And looking back at me
A serene little bird
Was that the sign I asked to see?
It didn’t move or make a sound
Just shared a minute in time
And, in that minute, I was sure
That you were doing just fine
The bird didn’t move until I left
It watched as I walked away
And in those few moments that we shared
I started to see happiness again
Like the bird that watched me as I left
You will watch over us
You flew away to a better place
But the world can still feel your love
By:  Carrie Leigh

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