Real? (poem)

One day it will seem real
What was taken from us
We cry, we scream, we rage, we yell
Because we miss you so much
It’s so easy to say “I’ll see you again”
But that doesn’t quite stop the pain
I wish there was just one more chance
One more minute, hour, day
So much to say, if given the chance
So much to share with you
About the way you changed the world
And the people around you, too
Broken hearts mend in time
That is what they say
But the world is emptier without you
Brightening up our days
You did so much in your short time
You lived a full and wonderful life
You are at peace in Heaven now
And we’ll all see you again, in time
There is still sadness when I think about you
Still pain when I remember you’re not here
But each day gets a little bit easier
And one day there will be no tears
I hear the stories of the boy you were
Your impact on your family and friends
Maybe you were an angel all along
We didn’t realize it till the end
You may be gone
But you will never part
You will be with us forever
In our memories and hearts
Smile down upon us
Sometimes help us through
But our guardian angel
We will forever love you
By:  Carrie Leigh

6 thoughts on “Real? (poem)”

    1. Thank you! I wrote this after the son of a friend passed away. I had known him for years and felt like he was one of my own kids. My heart hurt so much when he passed away and writing was the only way I could get it out.

      1. I know what you mean. My grandmother helped raise my sister and me. She was so loving and kind. Losing her broke my heart in a way that nothing else ever has. Sometimes, we just need to express how we feel, then we know our feelings have been vindicated. Great blog.

    1. The son of a very close friend passed away in May, 2012. He was only 20 years old and I had known him since he was a young boy. It was a blow to my heart when he passed. I was angry, confused, brokenhearted . . . This is one of a few poems that I wrote to get through that time. When I reread them I can remember him and smile.

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