“I Swear” I hate that song!

As some of you may already know I work in radio.  I am a d.j. and spend a lot of time in the studio.  As a matter of fact I am writing this while in the middle of my airshift.

Now, those of you who do not work in radio complain all the time about “OH MY GOD!  I AM SO SICK OF THAT SONG!  THAT STATION PLAYS IT ALL THE TIME!”  But chances are that you only hear “that” song a couple of times a day.  Try being on the other end of the radio and actually hearing “that” song EVERY time it plays.  To say that I am sick of “that” song is an understatement, since most radio stations have a two to four hour rotation for their Currents (the new stuff).  But I am not writing this to complain about the miniscule rotation of today’s popular radio stations.  What inspired this particular post was actually an older song that just played during my airshift.  John Michael Montgomery-I Swear.

For those of you who may not (somehow) be familiar with “I Swear” here is a bit of its history according to Wikipedia:

I Swear” is a ballad written by Gary Baker and Frank J. Myers that became a hit for two acts in 1994. Initially, it was a Number One single on the U.S. Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart for American country music artist John Michael Montgomery at the beginning of the year. His version crossed over to pop radio and climbed to #42 on the Billboard Hot 100. A few months later, American pop group All-4-One covered the song and achieved a great success in many countries.

I was initially familiarized with the version by All-4-One version during my senior year in high school and LOVED it.  I didn’t hear the John Michael Montgomery version until several years later.  By that time I HATED that song.  Picture this:  a 17/18 year old girl in high school, she has a boyfriend that she is over-the-moon for, “I Swear” is their song (as it was for many couples that year).  I had that song on tape and listened to it all the time.  I wore that tape out.  My boyfriend and I would be on the phone late at night and listen to that song together.  Now would be the perfect opportunity to roll your eyes and vomit at the cheesetastic sweetness of young love.  Just thinking about it makes me roll my own eyes.

Here it is 19 years later and I still hate that song.  The relationship did not end badly.  It just ended, as many relationships do at that age.  It just ceased to be.  The reason behind my intense loathing of “I Swear” (either version) is the fact that I listened to it soooooooooo many times that I burned out on it.  Many of us have had a bad night of drinking that ended with an up-close-and-personal session of toilet hugging and promises of never drinking like that again.  I overindulged in “I Swear” and can therefore never listen to it again without immediately wanting to hug the toilet.

Now, before you go calling me crazy for my intense dislike of “I Swear” think about what songs you can’t stand to listen to, and then think about why you can’t stand to listen to them.  I will bet that there is a song in your history that still makes you want to hug the toilet like you’ve just wrapped up a long night of drinking.

A few minutes ago “I Swear” came up in my playlist and, before I had a chance to replace it with something a bit less sucktastic (yes, d.j.’s take out songs they hate on a regular basis) it started playing.  I had to turn down the studio monitors and my headphones.  Yet, somewhere out in the lobby, just outside my studio, there was a radio playing my station . . . I could still hear that song.  I gritted my teeth and impatiently waited until it was over.  You can bet that I won’t let that happen again.

So you, as a passive radio listener, complain about hearing “that song all the time!!!”  Imagine the poor fool in the studio, such as myself, who does hear “that” song and all the others that they (and sometimes you) hate.  But you get the option of turning the radio off.  We are the radio.

And just for the record, any song by Taylor Swift also makes me want to hug the toilet with intense loathing.  My apologies to any of you Taylor Swift fans, but I have yet to meet anyone who works in radio that actually likes her . . . because we have to listen to her 5-thousand times a day.

Until next time . . .



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