Some things are just never meant to be no matter how much we want them.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is let go of what you wanted.

Sometimes your own pride is your worst enemy.

“I’m sorry,” are two of the hardest words to say.  “I was wrong,” are the hardest three words.

Sometimes the worst thing that can happen to a relationship is miscommunication.

Love will always prevail.  Hatred will always lose.

Sometimes a hug can speaks volumes.  An embrace can have more meaning than all the words in the world.

Every person you meet has been brought into your life for a reason, no matter how long or short of a time they are with you.  Either you are meant to change their life, or they are meant to change yours.  It’s rarely obvious immediately, but eventually you will understand why.

Never pass up an opportunity to say, “I love you.”

Laughter really can be the medicine, but sometimes you have to cry before you can laugh.


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