Unexpected Friend (poem)

You came out of nowhere Into my safe, sane world You turned everything upsidedown Made everything crazy for this girl You found the key to my locked-up heart That had been closed for so long You made me feel what I thought dead I fell in love fast and strong You threw my heart into … Continue reading Unexpected Friend (poem)

Lying Eyes (poem)

She stares at him Through lying eyes She puts a mask on her heart To, her true feelings, disguise He doesn't know she loves him That her heart beats his name It's a secret she'll keep hidden Even when her tears pour down like rain She blossoms with his smile Loses herself in his hug … Continue reading Lying Eyes (poem)

Stars (poem)

Sometimes all that's left Is the only thing the stars can see Staring into the black void With them shining back at me A constant in a world gone mad A twinkle in an angry heart A star, a tear, so much alike A glimmer in the dark By:  Carrie Leigh 1.28.14

Why didn’t anyone tell me that life isn’t a Disney movie?

We've all been in those situations where you're having a conversation, a debate, an argument, and you are at a loss for words.  Yet, later when remembering the encounter you think of all the snappy comebacks and one-liners that you should have fired off in the moment.  And who hasn't had a looming big event … Continue reading Why didn’t anyone tell me that life isn’t a Disney movie?

My Heart (poem)

My heart is a fragile thingBut it's not made of glassIt's made of everyone who came before youAll the good memories and the badIt's the broken pieces of my heart's darknessthat give my healed heart its future lightAnd everything that it's been throughMakes it stronger, makes it fightKnow that if I give you my heartYou … Continue reading My Heart (poem)

If you can guess what I have in my pocket, you can have it.

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed this morning, putting off the inevitable need to actually do some work.  I follow the Facebook page for Writer's Digest and they had a post for a writing competition.  There were two requirements for submitting a short story 1.  The short story had to be 750 or less. … Continue reading If you can guess what I have in my pocket, you can have it.

Don’t overthink it. Just write.

I had lunch with the drummer today, whom I might add was in a stellar mood (eye-rolling sarcasm intended).  He was tired and grumpy and still has a long day ahead of him.  I am of the naturally perky disposition most of the time, so seeing him today in a grumpy mood kicked my need … Continue reading Don’t overthink it. Just write.

A writer who can’t write

I'm in a really weird spot right now.  It's one that I am no longer used to.  I spent 6 months writing and editing my book.  If I wasn't working on that then I was writing poetry.  Now that my book is done I have nothing to write.  My brain has gone to sleep, if … Continue reading A writer who can’t write

Broken (poem)

Toxic, angry, bitter tearsA wordless scream nobody hearsNo more glitter in the heartLaying in pieces, broken apartThe rainbow doomed to fade awayIn the dying sunshine of the dayThe soul is weak, the heart broken downAs the coward loses her false crown By:  Carrie Leigh01.15.2014

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Memphis is one of my most favorite cities that I've ever trveled to.  It is so rich with history, life, culture, and music.  Beale Street on a Friday or Saturday night is something that everyone should experience at least once in their life.  Not to mention . . . Elvis and Graceland.  I am a … Continue reading St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital