Unexpected Friend (poem)

You came out of nowhere
Into my safe, sane world
You turned everything upsidedown
Made everything crazy for this girl
You found the key to my locked-up heart
That had been closed for so long
You made me feel what I thought dead
I fell in love fast and strong
You threw my heart into a tailspin
Faster than your drumsticks can fly
One moment my life was predictable
And the next I was swept away by your eyes
I fought it in the beginning
I scratched and clawed to push you away
But Fate had bigger plans for us
When she brought us together that day
In your shy heart I found a friend
My safe, sane world has been changed because of you
An unlikely pairing between two people so different
But perfect as friends, Fate knew
You shattered my protected world
With your smile and your eyes
And made me see a better world
Born of a fated meeting one night

By:  Carrie Leigh

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