She Loves Him (poem)

For, oh how she loves him More than words can describe She loves him wildly and fully She loves him gentle as a sigh His voice is her music His laughter, her breath of air His warm embrace, a haven Making her want to lose herself there He pulled at her heart the moment they … Continue reading She Loves Him (poem)

It’s purple and has 3 rings

I recently joked to a friend that I need an endless piece of notebook paper.  I seems like I always find myself with an unfortunate lack of paper when a new idea pops into my head.  I am too often left scrambling to find any piece of paper to record the idea on.  Legal pads, … Continue reading It’s purple and has 3 rings

The Heart’s Secret (poem)

I can say it out loud But only so I can hear I am in love with you And you finding out is what I fear I'm the girl you laugh with But I'm the girl you don't really see I am the girl swept away by you The girl with her heart on her … Continue reading The Heart’s Secret (poem)

The winds of change

How many times have you been in a situation and knew that something had to change?  Maybe it was a romantic relationship or your job.  Maybe it was setting a new goal for yourself or a complete life overhaul.  I am going through a period like that right now. The last several weeks I have … Continue reading The winds of change

Daughters (poem)

Daughters are our heart The very air we breathe The smile that clears our clouds The warm hug that we need Daddies with their little girls There is no sweeter thing Your own giggling angel Her laughter is her wings Hold her tight Help her grow But remember always Never let her go Her eyes … Continue reading Daughters (poem)

Glitter Girl (poem)

Lies disguised as friendship Shadows hidden in light Smiles masking the anger Laughter so falsely bright Climb into the head of the glitter-girl Take a look around See her deception-based reality Built on quicksand ground Wonder at the marvels Created by her genius of lies And watch the smoke-and-mirror rainbows Make more of her hopes … Continue reading Glitter Girl (poem)

Dear Friend

Dear Friend, I have known you for days, weeks, months, years . . . forever, it seems.  I can say that I don't remember a time before I knew you, but I do.  Instead what I do say is that I remember a time that I was waiting for you.  I didn't know It was … Continue reading Dear Friend

Shadows In The Clouds

Occasionally I will make the nearly two-hour trip to Cape Girardeau, Missouri for my favorite pizza in the whole world:  Imo's St. Louis style pizza.  Tonight I made the pizza trip and on the way back home I drove through the tiny town of Wickliffe, Kentucky.  There is not much in Wickliffe except a few … Continue reading Shadows In The Clouds