Path Of Faith (poem)

Five-million directions
Which way to go
A plea to God
To share what only he knows
The path I’ve always taken
Is leading me away
God’s words are in my heart
But what is he trying to say
Trying to close my eyes
To take away what I want to see
Trying to open my heart
To hear what he’ll do with me
My former life is fading away
But I don’t know what lies ahead
Piece-by-piece I’m saying goodbye
To that part of me that’s dead
So scared of the unknown
But faith that God knows what’s best
I’ve taken his hand for guidance
He will take care of the rest
He knows how I can serve him
He’ll put me where I’m supposed to be
Until then I will walk in faith
On the path He lays out for me
By:  Carrie Leigh

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