It’s official! I’ve been plagiarized!

You, dear reader, may be someone like me.  You may be the one person in your group of friends that always has a pad of paper with you or the note feature on your smartphone open.  Your friends who don't understand think you are writing yourself notes . . . Perhaps a shopping list, a … Continue reading It’s official! I’ve been plagiarized!

Silent Voice (poem)

A silent heart With words to shout A terrified soul That won't let them out How to find a voice In a world that won't hear Is the biggest problem facing A voice gripped in fear Unworthy words hidden Behind a wall of glass Because nobody wants to hear the thoughts Of someone easily shoved … Continue reading Silent Voice (poem)

Hole (poem)

Doubt and fear Suffocating life Reaching for the stars Watching dreams die Happiness and sunshine Seem so far away The strength to keep reaching May not come another day Slip down deep A hole of despair Until all that you've reached for Disappears in the air By:  Carrie Leigh 05.26.14

The blessing of friends

Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God.  Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.  (1 John 4:7) I'm pretty sure you have heard me speak of the importance of my friends in my life.  If not then read here and here.  My friends are my world.  They … Continue reading The blessing of friends

A good dog

Now before you think I am going to share some heartwarming story about a sweet, faithful canine let me go ahead and burst that bubble.  The only canine in this post will be played by me. I found out tonight that I am, in fact, "a good dog." Now, if you have been a follower … Continue reading A good dog

Painted On (poem)

A painted-on smileto match the cheery moodFake joy perfectedHappy laughter on a loopWatch me as I do my magicthat most will never seeWatch as I turn on the girlthat you need me to beNever allowed to have a bad day,to come down from the cloudsNever lose the skip in my step,or shed a tear out … Continue reading Painted On (poem)

Minute (poem)

What would your last words be If you had one minute left to live Would you spill a long-held secret Or finally forgiveness give Would you plead to Almighty God To have mercy on your soul Or would you whisper to the one you love In the last tender moment you stole So much can … Continue reading Minute (poem)

Storms (poem)

Letting go, giving up Holding on, broken Promises of hopes and dreams Are promises regretfully spoken Give the world to the ungrateful A frozen heart in unwilling hands Dreams sleep away easily Like time's hourglass of sands Feed off hope and suck the life A nightmare in waking form Sky high lifted above the clouds … Continue reading Storms (poem)

Living Dead (poem)

A target for your anger In a world you desperately hate You claim to want a better life But you've perfected being fake There's nothing in you but misery That wants to drag everyone down And everyone that tries to rescue you Will, along with you, drown You are ugly and you are mean Behind … Continue reading Living Dead (poem)

Maybe (poem)

I want to scream, "I hate you" With every breathe in me I want to hurt and break you And then maybe I'll be free Maybe then I'll feel better When you are as low as me Maybe I won't want to cry Maybe happy again I'll be Maybe I won't see your smile When … Continue reading Maybe (poem)