A journey into me

By now, if you have been a reader of mine for any length of time, you know that I wrote my first book last year and published it on Amazon (under my real name-sorry) on January 2nd of this year.  The point of writing that book was to see if I actually had the guts to put my writing, which I had always kept a big secret, out into the world to be loved or hated, and to hopefully be read.  It was never about becoming rich or famous or the next bestselling author.  It was simply a personal challenge to climb out of my comfort zone.  Clicking “publish” on Amazon was incredibly liberating for me as a writer.
After publishing my first book I immediately starting thinking about the next book.  My brain had a different idea though.  It shut down for a while.  It took a siesta, a vacation.  It was worn out from the 7 month marathon that I had just put it through with the first book that it said, “no more writing for a long while, please.”  I have written some poems, and a couple of short stories, too, but nothing of novel-worthiness.
Then a few months ago it hit me . . . Another novel wouldn’t be a personal challenge.  I already know I can do that.  A personal challenge would be publishing my poems and short stories, the stuff that is actually pulled from my real life.  I wanted to see if I could not just share my imagination with the world, but also share Me with the world.  My poems and short stores, and even this blog, are essentially the pages of my journal.
Now you may be asking yourself, “But, Carrie, where’s the personal challenge in publishing those poems and short stories on Amazon if you can publish them here on your blog.”  It’s simple really.  Right here, right now I am completely anonymous.  You have no idea who I am aside from what you’ve read.  You already know my real name isn’t Carrie, and none of my friends or family read or even know about “A Tale Of A T-Rex.”  It’s easy to appear bold when nobody knows you are doing it.  But in truth I am hiding behind this blog.
So, my goal for book number two . . . To bring my truthful and honestwriting, the same stuff I write here, to the people who actually know me.
For a while I considered not doing it because I didn’t want to offend anyone who might recognize a piece as being about them.
Then tonight I realized something . . . Why should I censor myself to protect people who probably won’t even read the book anyway?  And what kind of writer would I be if I censored my personal writings just to protect those who may have inspired that particular piece?
Although if there are any specific names in a piece they will bechanged or edited to protect the “innocent”, so they don’t get all butt hurt.  This book is not about hurting anyone or getting back at anyone.  This book is about putting Me, all of me, out there into the world.  As a writer if I can’t put all of me out into the world then I may as well throw away my ink pens and tear up all of my paper because what is the point?
So I’m going to do it.  I’m going to take the chance.  My poems, shortstories, and other writings based on my “adventures” . . . a journey not into my imagination, but instead a journey into me.
Until next time . . .


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