Wonderfully and fearfully made

I have four tattoos. I have a nose ring. I have very darkly colored hair. I like to wear dark eyeliner. What do these things tell you about who I am.  Not a single thing.  Those attributes do not tell you what is in my heart.  They merely tell you how I choose to make … Continue reading Wonderfully and fearfully made

Overuse “I love you”

Who you are today could change the world for someone tomorrow.  You have a positive effect on the world.  Don't hold back the gifts that God gave you.  He gave them to you for a reason.  Share them with the world. Until next time . . .

Toilet paper trivia

Have you ever used toilet paper to get to know a person? No, I am not kidding.  No, I don't mean, "you can tell a lot about a person by the kind of toilet paper they buy."  I think the fact that they are buying toilet paper tells us more than enough about some people.  … Continue reading Toilet paper trivia

Music in the shadows (short story)

The sidewalk was cold and unyielding.  She was supposed to be at the grocery store, not sitting on the sidewalk outside of a downtown bar.  The sound of music filled the air and her head.  She could hear it from where she had parked her car two blocks away.  It drew her forward to the … Continue reading Music in the shadows (short story)

Failing in Science leads to an answered prayer

In the beginning there was a catchy opening sentence to grab your attention and suck you in to continue reading.  This was followed by several thought-provoking paragraphs that left you educated, fulfilled and ponderous.  You carried the weight of those words throughout the rest of your day and maybe even shared them with a friend … Continue reading Failing in Science leads to an answered prayer

Bad fruit in the garden

First I can across the above picture as I was scrolling through my Facebook feed this morning.  Then I came across this verse . . . Do not be misled:  "Bad company corrupts good character." (1 Corinthians 15:33 NIV) . . . as I was reading one of my devotionals for today.  I think God … Continue reading Bad fruit in the garden

Talking to God

And that's what it feels like to some people to pray. And that's what it feels like for me to pray. Does that stop me from praying?  No. Do my fumbling words make my prayer any less meaningful?  No. All you have to do is speak from your heart.  God knows what you want to … Continue reading Talking to God

Insecurity attack

So, even as I type this I am laying in bed.  I am replaying my evening in my head.  More specifically I am replaying the meeting at church this evening about our upcoming Halloween party.  In attendance was me, 2 gentleman, the pastor and his wife.  My pastor took the opportunity this evening to share … Continue reading Insecurity attack

To dream (poem)

The stars shine down We close our eyes Our day comes to an end The moon a sliver As dreams become real And, for a few hours, reality bend But what becomes While we sleep As we lay in our repose Do we wait to start a new day Or do we really live With … Continue reading To dream (poem)