What a blessed day!

I woke up this morning so excited that I couldn’t get ready for church fast enough.  My husband got baptised this morning.  10 years ago I said ”I do” and promised to spend the rest of my life with him.  Now I will get to spend forever with him in the kingdom of heaven.  What an amazing and glorious gift.
My husband and I have been through a rough patch in our marriage, which is far too evident by his lack of appearance in the first few months of my posts here.  I strayed and was ready to give up on our marriage.  Far too many times I considered divorce.  But God had to make us fall down separately so that we could find Him, and then through him find each other again.  We are working on fixing us now.  It’s a slow process, but one we have committed to.
After church my husband and I went to a town about and hour and a half away with the pastor, his wife, and their son to do an open house for a new campus that the church is starting.  It is so exciting being there at the very beginning and watching the process of a new church being born.  I pray that through this new campus others will be able to find the peace, love, and salvation that I have found through Jesus Christ.
Today my pastor also made an offer to me that completely took me off guard.  My first reaction was complete shock.  After all I’ve only been going to this church since mid-February and only been a member since mid-March.  He offered me role of outreach leader in our church.  I would be coming up with ideas for community outreach, organizing those events, recruiting volunteers . . . Stepping way out of my comfort zone.  He said that he and his wife had been talking about it for a few months and feel that I would be perfect in that role within the church.  I was floored!  Yes, it is in my heart to serve not only the church but also the people that God leads me to serve, but I would have been content to always do so quietly.  I would never have asked for a leadership role within the church.  That is not my way.  But God has seen fit for me to do bigger things with my servant’s heart, so after much discussion with my pastor I accepted my new role within the church.  I am excited and terrified at the same time.  Prayers throughout my learning process would be greatly appreciated.
On a slight down note to the day I did find out some news that disappointed me greatly about a very dear and close friend.  I found out today that a friend said some things about someone I care about that turned out to be tremendous lies.  This friend based their words on things they did not know all the facts about, but rather half-truths and assumptions that they had been told instead of finding out the facts of the situation.  This friend, rather than retract their words or apologize for perpetuating lies, chose to turn and run away from a situation made worse by their words and actions.  Words cannot express how very disappointed I am in that friend right now.  It is not my place to judge that friend, but it still hurts to see the side of people that they keep hidden from view.  It hurts to see what people can do with lies and gossip, and it hurts to know that faith that some profess to have in others can be so delicate and fleeting.  Faith is not there to serve us only when times are good.  Faith is there to keep us going even when times are rough and ugly.  When a rough moment arrived this friend took their faith and went home.  I pray that my friend finds the perpetual glitter and rainbows that they are looking for somewhere, because everybody screws up now and again.  Everybody.  Nobody is infallible . . . Even my friend.  My friend mentioned to me one about being able to see people through God’s eyes, see them for what they really are and not as they present themselves to be.  I think God has been doing that with me a lot lately.  I can’t see my friend the same way I did as a wide-eyed, freshly saved christian and that hurts most of all.  I hope my friend finds what they are looking for.
Until next time . . .


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