When God Said No

All too often we go to God in prayer and say, “give me, give me, give me . . . ”  We want God to fix all that we feel is wrong with us, and we want him to do it right now.  What we forget is that everything in our lives happens in His time, and sometimes the best thing he can do, just like any good parent would do, is tell us “no.”

We do not need everything we want, but God will always provide what we do need.

When we want more patience He does not immediately endow us with limitless patience.  He gives us opportunities to be patient.

When we want more happiness He does not immediately plaster a smile on our face and warm fuzzies in our heart.  He gives us the opportunities to see the joy in our life.

When we want more love He does not make our cup runneth over.  He gives us opportunities to show love.

We are His children.  He is always teaching, directing, guiding us through his unceasing love for us.  We just have to remember to open our eyes and hearts to see it.

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