Lost (poem)

Living a lie
Not who I pretend to be
Faith is just words,
a mask for you to see
Inside lurks the truth
clawing to get out
It hides even from me
but appears with a vengeful shout
Fighting to hold it in
Fighting to beat it down
Before it overcomes me
Before in Hell I drown
Everyone else can see it
I’m the only one that believes the lie
The truth will pull me so far down
on it’s deadly ride
Mirror, mirror in front of my face
reflecting back my soul
So black, so dark, so empty
Turns out nothing can make it whole
Satan can attack with his worst weapons
He can try to do his worst
But I am my biggest enemy
knowing I can’t live The Word
Accepted, redeemed
Forsaken, forgotten
Lost on the path to Heaven
Stuck in my own Hell
By:  Carrie Leigh


    • I was having a really bad day when I wrote that. But I identified the source of the problem and eliminated from my life. Poetry is the best way for me to see inside myself. It is for me what journaling was when I was a teenager. Because of that not all of my poems are glitter and rainbows.

      • I understand. Life kicks you down, people kick you down and sometimes it seems like all of hell is trying to kick you down. Being kicked down is okay, it happens to everyone. But not everyone has the strength, will and stamina to get back up. And all hose who do get back up again will be greatly rewarded by our wonderful King Jesus in some weird unexplainable way.

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