A look back over T-Rex’s first year

I meant to do this on October 30th, but between work and church time has just absolutely gotten away from me.  So here I sit, a week and a half after A Tale Of A T-Rex celebrated it’s first birthday, finally looking back on it’s first year of life.  And what a year it has been.  The posts over the past 12 months have seen a lot of things . . . anger, love, joy, forgiveness, wonder, peace, heartbreak, and growth.  So today I am here to remember with you some of my favorite posts over the last year.

My Musings

10.30.13  Nice to meet you . . . The post that started it all.

11.02.13  Ahead of the game . . . Carrie v.s. birthday shopping

11.14.13  Giving thanks . . . Showing my thanks for the important stuff in life like toilet paper, antibiotics, and the remote control.

11.26.13  Renew perspective through my mom’s eyes . . . Just when I was about to give up on my book my mom said just the right words to renew my goal.  Aren’t moms the best at encouragement just when we need it most.

12.30.13  Lessons . . . Some things I have learned in my almost 38-year journey through life.

01.21.14  Don’t overthink it.  Just write . . . Among the best advice I have ever gotten, and I’ll bet that the speaker of those words has absolutely no recollection of ever saying them.

02.02.14  Shadows in the clouds . . . What an amazing and prophetic night that turned out to be for me and for my relationship with God.

02.03.14  Dear Friend . . . A missive to my best friend.

 02.16.14 The winds of change . . . God was working in my life.  I didn’t know it was Him, but I could feel it.

03.13.14  Rebirth day . . . One of the greatest days in my life.

04.23.14  Unequipped armor . . . A lesson I learned about going into spiritual battle unprepared.

04.23.14  My ink pen has a-d-d . . . random thoughts from Carrie’s brain . . . Part 1

06.03.14  Random thoughts from Carrie’s brain . . . part 2 . . . Because one post of random thoughts just wasn’t enough.

06.30.14  Saving Martha’s Vineyard . . . God always provides for those who do His work.

07.20.14  A letter to me . . . Something that everyone should do at some point.

09.30.14  Toilet paper trivia . . . Getting to know me one square at a time.

09.30.14  Wonderfully and fearfully made . . . We are God’s greatest creation.

10.14.14  How can I pray for you today? . . . A question we should all ask more often.

Short stories

11.05.13  Broken Fairy Tale . . . My best friend and I were going through a difficult time and my insecurity made me feel like I was losing him.

11.06.13  Breaking Hearts . . . Another story inspired by insecurity and my best friend.

12.10.13  Cut . . . A short story from my book.

03.18.14  Their End . . . A short story of fiction that became somewhat prophetic.

09.29.14  Music In The Shadows . . . The story may come to an end, but the music sometimes still plays on.


11.05.13  Scrapbook Memories . . . During a particularly bad fight my best friend and I did not speak for about a month.  I wondered if we would ever speak again and mentally mourned the friendship.

11.10.13  Glance Into The Sun . . . That first feeling of attraction.

11.12.13  Hiding Eyes . . . The eyes say more than the mouth ever can.

11.16.13  Who Are You? . . . Love makes us question everything.

11.20.13  My Pen . . . Yes, it’s an ode to a writing utensil.  I’d be lost and voiceless without my pen.

11.21.13  Lost . . . I wrote this after the tornado in Moore, OK in May, 2013.

12.01.13  The Quiet End . . . Sometimes love pisses you off . . . badly.

12.22.13  Boisterous Girl . . . A moment when I was letting another person control how I saw myself.

12.25.13  Dying . . . Sometimes my poetry is more honest with me about people than I can be with myself.

12.27.13  Two Scared . . . Another poem inspired by a disagreement with my best friend.

12.28.13  Pride . . . Even baseball fans write poetry.

12.28.13  Real? . . . A good friend of mine lost her son in a car accident.  I had known him for years.  His death still sometimes seems like a dream.

12.29.13  The Beast . . . Another moment when I was letting someone else control how I saw myself.

01.10.14  Searching . . . I didn’t know what I was searching for until I found it about a month and a half after I wrote this.

01.20.14  Broken . . . Sometimes a girl just has a really bad day.

01.28.14  My Heart . . . I may not be made of sugar and spice, but this is what I am made of.

03.12.14  Reborn . . . Pretty self-explanatory.

03.19.14  Temptation . . . My fight against want I knew I had to do versus what I wanted to do.

03.28.14  God’s Flight . . . I did not sit down to write this poem.  This is what came from my pen when I sat down to write.

04.09.14  The Last Next . . . Sometimes there is no next time.

05.20.14  Minute . . . We are never guaranteed another minute.

06.10.14  Waiting . . . We are always waiting for something.  We are waiting our life away.

06.13.14  Dance . . . Sometimes you just have to.

09.04.14  Goodbye To Nothing . . . People struggle with goodbyes, but sometimes it turns out that there is nothing left to say goodbye to.

09.05.14  Praying . . . The Lord wants us to go to him with anything and everything, to pray in good times and bad, when we’re thankful and we’re scared.  He is always listening.

09.10.14  Teach Me, Lord . . . Asking the Lord to make me his empty vessel to fill up with Him.

09.18.14  To Dream . . . We’ve all had dreams that just seem SO real.

I hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane.  I look forward to seeing what the next year brings in my life and in my posts.  I hope that you continue to join me for the next exciting adventure of A Tale Of A T-Rex.

Until next time . . .



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