Road To Tomorrow (poem)

Consumed by fear The world, so dark A voice that echoes, alone in a future so stark Reach out for help but nobody is there Drowning, suffocating Fighting for a breath of air Twisting, spinning, turning A frantic, racing heart Closed eyes that can only see that everything is falling apart No hope for tomorrow … Continue reading Road To Tomorrow (poem)

What Christmas is really about

Tonight was once of the most fun nights I have had in a very long time.  Tonight I got to spend the evening with a group of friends from church.  These people are more than my friends though.  They are my family. During this festive time of year we are drowning in must-do holiday activities. … Continue reading What Christmas is really about

Unwelcome (poem)

Just when I think you're gone you haunt me in a dream The one place I can't escape you The last place you find me I turn my head and there you are A reminder of what is gone Tempting me to go back to that place The battle still wages on I've come too … Continue reading Unwelcome (poem)

New (poem)

Who am I now I'm not who I was Getting to know the new woman I'll be I've said goodbye to the things of my past as I look to tomorrow with new hopes and dreams I was incomplete as I was I was walking blind My eyes closed to everything I've popped the bubble … Continue reading New (poem)

Looking Back (poem)

You mean more to me Than you will ever know In my heart lies a love for you That I'll never be able to show How is beauty defined How do you put words to laughter and tears Can anything describe a hug How do you paraphrase the years A simple shared memory Speaks a … Continue reading Looking Back (poem)

But Now I See (poem)

How is it possible to see through closed eyes To live always in the dark Then to open your eyes, be filled with light And have the truth flood your heart Was the truth always in front of my eyes Or was it hiding away unseen Was it ignored because it would hurt To destroy … Continue reading But Now I See (poem)

Freehand (poem)

Another night, another day Another ink pen writing the way No ideas or feelings that need to come out Just a writers hand that needs to move about Words with no meaning spill onto the page Words that hide no love, hate, joy or rage To carefully form the letters into simple words And create … Continue reading Freehand (poem)

Cigarette Light (poem)

Sitting in the dark, alone, awake A cigarette casts the only light Swirling thoughts in a racing mind Keep me company in the night Words and pictures fill my mind Of what has passed and is yet to be All the things that I have done All the things that still are dreams What are … Continue reading Cigarette Light (poem)

Healing heart (poem)

One day the memories won't hurt when they rush forward so fast One day those memories will mean nothing And will stay forever in the past One day it won't take my breath away or feel like a brick wall caving in One day my heart won't stop when the memories start to spin My … Continue reading Healing heart (poem)