Freehand (poem)

Another night, another day
Another ink pen writing the way
No ideas or feelings that need to come out
Just a writers hand that needs to move about
Words with no meaning spill onto the page
Words that hide no love, hate, joy or rage
To carefully form the letters into simple words
And create a piece where there was none in the world
No words to share, no thought to impress
To just decorate the page in ink like a silk dress
To find the rhythm and the rhyme
To make a mark in wordless time
To wander and move in the ink pens dance
And to wipe the writers slate clean with lucid chance
Bits and pieces, fragments and shards
Leftover from other writings that struggled so hard
An ink pen emptied as a page is filled
Creating blurred lines of what is real
To just let my pen go, let my itchy hand write
To put my thoughts to sleep for one more wordless night

By:  Carrie Leigh


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