Road To Tomorrow (poem)

Consumed by fear

The world, so dark

A voice that echoes, alone

in a future so stark

Reach out for help

but nobody is there

Drowning, suffocating

Fighting for a breath of air

Twisting, spinning, turning

A frantic, racing heart

Closed eyes that can only see

that everything is falling apart

No hope for tomorrow

Barely able to see today

Living in days gone passed

Nothing to lead the way

Lost, scared, desperate

Ready to give tomorrow away

No road out of the dark

One way to stop the pain

But then . . .

A glimmer that can barely be seen

In the distance a flickering light

Drawing hope slowly forward

Tentative steps out of the night

The path becomes less rocky

The steps are more sure

As fear is left behind

and hope in tomorrow is secured

Don’t turn around

Don’t look behind

The dark path once traveled

has no power in the light

Let yesterday go

The gifts of today, enjoy, rejoice

Tomorrow is another new chance

Tomorrow is filled with hope

By:  Carrie Leigh


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