Words (poem)

Everybody has words way down deep inside Everybody has words that sometimes can't hide Everybody has words expressed in the fluid grace of dance Gliding, leap, soar the words twisting them into chance Everybody has words in the lilting notes of a song A gentle hum or belted tune free the words so strong Everybody … Continue reading Words (poem)

Separate (poem)

What are you doing in this great big world As I close my eyes tonight What are you seeing, thinking, dreaming Are you alright It's been so long since I've heard your voice Since I've seen your face We're once again strangers Occupying the same time in space I hope, with you, all is well … Continue reading Separate (poem)

Unwelcome (poem)

Get out of my head You're not welcome there Your memory is unwanted From a past secretly shared You have no place in my world Of your memory I have no need You were a hurdle to overcome A hurdle I no longer see So stop finding ways into my head Through my memories and … Continue reading Unwelcome (poem)

The True Heart of Memphis

I will admit that this particular blog has been difficult to write. I have struggled for about three weeks to find the right words to share this experience with you so that you could see it the way I did. There were many false starts that ended with me hitting the delete button on the … Continue reading The True Heart of Memphis

Memory Lane

Sometimes I miss you Out of the blue Sometimes I miss you There's nothing I can do I can go for days For weeks at a time Then all of the sudden you're there Sitting on top of my mind Sometimes I miss you Your laugh and your fear All the dreams you were reaching … Continue reading Memory Lane