Memory Lane

Sometimes I miss you
Out of the blue
Sometimes I miss you
There’s nothing I can do
I can go for days
For weeks at a time
Then all of the sudden you’re there
Sitting on top of my mind
Sometimes I miss you
Your laugh and your fear
All the dreams you were reaching for
The insecurity you let me near
Sometimes I miss
Just being near you
The longing I felt
That made me run from you
There was no friendship
No solid ground
We were built on sand
Destined to crumble down
But sometimes when my mind gets quiet
And thinks down memory’s path
I miss the illusion I believed so much
I miss the addiction that swallowed me fast.
Maybe you’ll never leave my memories
You’ll always appear out of the blue
Just when I’m least ready for the trip
I’m down memory lane led by you

By:  Carrie Leigh


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