The True Heart of Memphis

I will admit that this particular blog has been difficult to write. I have struggled for about three weeks to find the right words to share this experience with you so that you could see it the way I did. There were many false starts that ended with me hitting the delete button on the keyboard. But then today the words finally came.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to go down to Memphis for Country Cares weekend at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. As I toured the hospital I had what the St. Jude staff calls my “St. Jude moment,” that moment when everything that I had been talking about for the past three years on my radio station became real.

I’ve always known about the work that they do in that hospital, and how the research they are doing is saving children all over the world. But to step inside and see the hospital for myself . . . it was breathtaking and awe-inspiring. It is so colorful and bright. I could feel the hope in the air. It is not a place to go to be sick. St. Jude is a place to go to live!

That moment made me so thankful to each and every person in the world that believes in Danny Thomas’ dream as much as he did, and that continues to help support the miracles that St. Jude is making everyday.

The True Heart of Memphis

A gleaming white statue
Stand firm and tall
protecting the miracles
inside the walls
03 St Jude statue
In a sanctuary built
on a promise and dream
An army of hope
takes on a foe best never seen
In a world of color and life
the battle wages everyday
Where our children bow their heads
and, for another tomorrow, pray
Where doctors help the sick
and nurses bring the smiles
Where an A-B-C wall spells hope and fear
and the researchers never tire
04 ABC Wall
Where the bust of Danny sits
with his shiny good-luck nose
In a shrine to the hopeless cases
that, till every child is saved, will never close
05 Danny Thomas bust

The sun shines down eternally
in the haven of hopes and dreams
as children look to the day
of their No-Mo-Chemo bead
The walls give hope to the hopeless
They give another day, a month, a life
In the true heart of Memphis
St. Jude stands with hope and light
06 St Jude Children


07 St Jude logo

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