Killing time at work

I have something terrible to say.  Please don’t hate me after you read this . . .

I feel like I am standing in front of the refrigerator expecting something awesome and delicious to show magically appear . . . meaning, I was scrolling through my reader feed for the gazillionth time today expecting something magically interesting to appear and nothing did.

I don’t mean that to say that all the people that I follow have posted sucktastic blogs today.  Have you ever just scrolled through your feed and said “I don’t want to read about that today.  I want to read about something else.  I just don’t know what that something else is.”  Do I want to read an interesting pop culture post or something with more historic leanings?  Do I want to find a new recipe or read a devotional?  Do I want to make a sandwich or reheat last nights leftovers?

I’m sure that there are plenty of interesting things to read in my feed right now.  I’m just not in the mood to read any of them.  Do you have any suggestions for new blogs to follow?  I’m open to just about anything . . . except cabbage.  Cabbage is gross.  So if you blog about, or follow a blog about cabbage I don’t want to know about it.  Yuck!

I’m sitting at work right now killing time before I have to leave to go pick up my husband.  I’m in his car today because my car had to pay yet ANOTHER visit to the mechanic to (hopefully) finally fix a problem that it’s been there for two times before.  Just like any other automotive problem, when my car would go to the mechanic for this problem it would never do for the mechanic what it was doing for me.  The mechanic would give me that oh-silly-girl look that would make me want to punch him in the oh-silly-mechanic face.  Finally on Friday night my car went all stupid again and the mechanic was finally able to experience it firsthand.

The car is all fixed now.  The new problem . . . The newly-fixed car and my husband’s car are in the town with me where I work.  I work 50 miles from home.  My new goal is to figure out how to get both cars home.  But, hey, at least the car is fixed (I hope).

I did “discover” a very new and very interesting blog today that you might like . . . beautifullybrokenbutnotdefeated.  It is a new writing venture by a woman I go to church with.  She has an amazing singing voice, makes my hair pretty and pink, and has a wonderful way of putting words together.  Go check her blog out and maybe even give her a follow.

According to the clock it is time to go get my husband.  I am all for being a one-car family for the sake of finances.  But when it comes to convenience being a one-car family kind of blows.  I want my car back.

Until next time . . .


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