Public shaming in the workplace

Public shaming . . . it really kind of sucks.

Every Wednesday morning at work the various department heads get together for a meeting.  We do this to try to stay on top of everything that is going on in the radio station.  This morning my general manager took the opportunity during the meeting to scold me for not doing something that he never told me to begin with.  I was completely embarrassed, and so very angry.  To make it even worse my program director, who knew that our general manager had never said anything about this task before, allowed our general manager to still dress me down.

I’m not angry anymore.  I got over that pretty quickly.  But I am still left feeling terribly small, ironic if you remember that I am only 4′ 10″.  It seems that a person is never too old to feel the negative effects of public shaming.  I feel like an errant child that got scolded by their parent.  And again I say that I got scolded for not doing something that he never told me to do to begin with.

I wouldn’t feel so yucky had he confronted me about this matter one-on-one, but instead he took a public setting . . . our department head meeting . . . to bring up the matter.  He’s obviously higher up on the company food chain that I am, but his interpersonal skills need a bit of work.

Oh well.  This too shall pass.  He’s probably forgotten all about the matter while I sit here letting the negativity sit inside me and fester.  Yuck!

For the record, I love the word “fester.”

Until next time . . .



  1. Well, Carrie, that would require foresight, tact and competence in communicating with people. Unfortunately, he lacks severely in all three areas (as I can personally attest). He’s a coward.

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