Not working at work

It’s Friday.  The work week is almost over, but motivation to get real actual work done ran out sometime on Wednesday.  So, in an effort to help you kill time while waiting for the end of the work day here are a few amusing and entertaining articles from one of my favorite workplace-time-killing-websites . . . Mental Floss!!!


When Colin Powell Met Sergeant Elvis Presley


20 Delicious Facts About Peeps

11 American Behaviors That Are Considered Rude Around The World

8 Drivers Who Blindly Followed Their GPS To Disaster

doc and marty

Back To The Future Co-Creator Bob Gale Explains How Marty And Doc Became Friends

atticus finch

30 Best Parents In Literature

Dirty Etymology Of 9 Everyday Words

mgm lion

6 Cats Who Made Their Mark On The Silver Screen

Pick Real US States

50 Facts About The Earth From Top To Bottom

I was only going to go with these 10 articles, but then I found two more that I just could not pass up.  After all, no day is complete without some happy little clouds.

bob ross

5 (Happy Little) Things You Didn’t Know About Bob Ross

What Happened to Bob Ross’ Paintings?

Until next time . . .


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