Insecure (poem)

Insecure excels at being mediocre A master of being plain A talent for being talentless Insecure is in it's domain A wallflower struggling to break free A baby bird ready to fly As risk looms forward dangerously Pushing Insecure to hide Stay where it's safe Stick to what is known Tomorrow will be a brand … Continue reading Insecure (poem)


She saw him standing in the parking lot, his shoulders slumped in defeat.  But what was that rigidity in his frame? Pride? Fear? One moment he was beloved by all those around him.  In the very next moment he was reviled.  How quickly and carelessly, she realized, that some turned their back. While others around … Continue reading Broken

Tearing down the wall

Tonight I will rediscover my words I will excavate my missing sound The voice in my pen that ran away Will be ravenously found Rhyme and prose will pour out From the dam that restrained their power They will be unleashed in a tidal wave And be as lilting as a flower The sun may … Continue reading Tearing down the wall

The lost writer

I have forgotten how to write. Alright, well maybe not, but I do feel like I've lost my voice. The last few months it seems that there is no inspiration anywhere.  My writing has always been fueled by my emotions, and there has certainly been no shortage of emotional moments over the last couple of … Continue reading The lost writer

The mirror almost got me fired

So it seems that my post yesterday about trying to get fired from my job was almost prophetic.  I almost got fired today.  It was all because of my own behavior at work.  I have been less than cooperative while training the new production director.  That is my own issue though, not his.  I was … Continue reading The mirror almost got me fired

Nail on the head

I think I am trying to get myself fired.  I tried quitting over the the summer, and that didn't work out so well.  I'm still here.  I don't have the courage to quit because change is scary.  I have little to no other skills that might translate to another career.  So here I stay at … Continue reading Nail on the head


Change.  Some people love and embrace it.  Others hate it and fight it every step of the way.  I am a change fighter.  This month has made me almost unbearable to be around at work. First we lost our general manager and his wife after it came to light that they were stealing from the … Continue reading Ch-ch-changes