30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 7 – What Tattoos You Have and If They Have Meaning


You sit for hours in a chair, a bare patch of your skin exposed to the constant pricking of needles as ink is placed into your body for the rest of your life.  You are honoring the memory of someone you love.  You are showing honor to the military or a group you are a member of.  You are proudly displaying your love of your favorite band or sports team.  You are turning your body into a walking work of art.  The blank canvas you were born with is getting inked with a memory, with love, with a design that holds meaning for you.  Maybe you are displaying it somewhere on your body that everyone will be able to see, or maybe it will be only where you can see it.  Each tattoo is a visible part of your soul, of what makes you the person you are.  Today’s writing challenge topic is about just that . . . tattoos.

Day 7:  What tattoos you have and if they have meaning

I have four tattoos, and plans for at least one more.

01.  A smiley face on my right breast:  smiley-face-clip-art-niXoRMbiB

02.  Marvin the Martin on my left shoulder-blade:  Marvin-marvin-the-martian-740025_151_263

03.  The Aerosmith logo on my right ankle:  aerosmith_logo

04.  and Elvis Presley’s signature on my left wrist:  Elvis_Presley_signature

There is no deep sentimental meaning behind any of my tattoos.  Smiley faces are just happy.  Marvin the Martin is an underrated bad ass.  Aerosmith is my favorite American band.  Elvis Presley, the greatest artist in the history of Rock and Roll.

The tattoo that is still on my wish list does have a deeper meaning for me though.  I still want to get a big sunflower on the cap of my right shoulder with the stem coming down my arm as it turns into a pencil.  I always wanted to be a published author, to write a novel and put it up for sale.  On January 2, 2014 I achieved that goal.  I self-published an e-book on Amazon for Kindle called “Sunflowers.”  I didn’t write it to become a world-famous author.  I wrote it as a challenge to myself, to find out if I could set that goal for myself and actually follow through with it.  I did it.  I hand-wrote the entire first draft in 2 purple spiral notebooks, hence the stem coming down my right arm and turning into a pencil.  I will get that sunflower tattoo someday, just as I always said that I would write a novel someday.

Until next time . . .


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