30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 8 – A Book You Love and One You Hate


Books.  A cover.  Pages.  Sentences.  Words.  A story.  Fiction Nonfiction.  Ebooks are convenient and an easy way to carry your entire bookshelf with you wherever you go.  But there is something about the weight of a book on your hands.  The scent of the new ink, or the slightly musty aroma of an older book.  Absentmindedly playing with the pages edges while you are lost in the story. ? Fighting the urge to skip to the final pages because you can’t wait to find out how the story ends.  Admiring the cover art each time you reach for your book.  Rereading an old favorite because the story in those pages captivates you.  Books.  They are a magical piece of art that can transport you through time, space, and emotions with the simple turn of a page.
Suffice it to say, I love reading.  There are some days that can not be better spent than by cozying up on the couch with a good book.  I love those days.
I developed a love of reading very early on, and over the years it helped to foster my love of writing.  There is still little that I love more than getting lost in a good book.
Right now I am currently reading the Life Application Study Bible.  I have tried many times to read the Bible all the way through, but have not made it.  This time I’m not letting myself not finish it.  It’s beautiful and life-changing.  It truly is THE Good Book.
Today’s writing challenge topic, in case you haven’t already guessed:  books.

Day 8:  A book you love and one you hate.
(It was hard to think of one that I hated, but I expanded on the topic with several that I love.  I could just narrow it down to one loved book.)

Books I love:

Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil
George Berendt


A murder in old-money South.  I wouldn’t think this story could actually be true, except that it is.  Sometimes truth really is stronger than fiction.  Thought-provoking.  Unusual.  Funny.  Wonderful.

The PD Chronicles: Blatant Confessions Of A Radio Guy
Jack James


This is a must-read for anyone that works in radio.

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn
Betty Smith


A beautiful look at early-1900’s Brooklyn, New York, and a girl on the edge of adolescence, watching her world change around her as she leaves childhood behind.

My Sister’s Keeper
Jodi Piccoult


How far is too far for a family to go to save their dying child?

The Bronze Horseman
Paulina Simons


I’m not generally one for period books.  Too hard for me to relate to.  But this one grabbed me and wouldn’t let go.  A love story set in World War II Russia.  A wizened soldier and a naive civilian as they fight to be together, and fight to stay alive.  The backdrop of the story is relatively true to history.  The romantic in me wonders if a story like could have happened during such a dark time in Russia’s history.

The Time Traveler’s Wife
Audrey Niffenegger


Despite how much I loved this book, the movie was a slight disappointment.  It never reached the emotional level that the book did, no matter how hard it tried.

Susan Kay


Tells the entire story of Erik, the Phantom Of the Opera.  The original book by Gaston Leroux starts with Erik already living beneath the Paris Opera House.  This books starts with Erik’s mother while she was pregnant with him.  It tells an enchanting and tragic story of a disfigured genius who just wanted to be surrounded by beauty and to find love.
On a side note:  I have literally read the cover off of my paperback copy of Phantom, and had to buy it in hardback.

Lucky Man
Michael J. Fox


Truly inspiring.  Thrown a huge curve ball at the height of his acting career, and he has caught that ball and run with it while keeping a smile on his face with his unfailing optimism.

Book I hated:

Eat, Pray Love
Elizabeth Gilbert


I am sorry to all those that loved this book and said it really spoke to them or changed their life.  I tried.  I really tried to enjoy this book, but I just couldn’t do it.  I just flat out intensely disliked this book.

This is just a small number of books that I have read over my (many) years, the ones that grabbed my attention from my bookshelf as I remember to write this post.  I am sure that as soon as I click “publish” 9,000 other books will come to mind that I have loved or hated over the years.  And such is the joy of a book, it’s always there to remind you of and take you on its wonderful journey all over again.  All you have to do it open the cover.

Until next time . . .


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