30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 12 – 2 Words/Phrases That Make You Laugh


Face it, some words or phrases just make us laugh.  Whether it’s because they are so completely true, or because they are just weird, or because we are all still kindergarteners stuck in an adult body.  Language is an amusing and glorious thing. And thus today’s writing challenge topic . . .

Day 12 – 2 words/phrases that make you laugh

1.  Raisin cookies that look like chocolate chip cookies are the main reason I have trust issues.

2.  How am I supposed to make life choices when I still use my fingers to count and I have to say the whole alphabet to see which letter comes next?

But who can stop at just 2?

“Fart” and “poop” can reduce even the most mature adult to a giggling child.

At work this week one of my coworkers had to read a script for a deer-meat processor.  The script included the phrases “pack your box with sausage,” and “meat tubes.”

When my husband and I go to Sonic for milkshakes I always ask him, “do you want my cherry?”  I don’t like that particular fruit, and his mind falls into the childish gutter.

And despite how much I dislike the word “moist,” it always makes me laugh, because people who know me will say it just to drive me crazy.

Until next time . . .


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