30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 15 – 3 Pet Peeves


Everybody has pet peeves, things that just drive them crazy.  Things that make them gnash their teeth and want to say curse words.  Nobody can say that they are without pet peeves.  There are just things about life that we just like the way that we like them, and we would be a lot happier if everyone else liked them our way as well.  As soon as I saw this writing topic at least two things immediately came to mind.  So let’s start on the journey of today’s writing topic . . .

Day 15 – 3 pet peeves

  1.  A messy desk at work . . . I can handle my house being a mess.  I can handle my car being a mess.  What I can not handle is my desk being a mess.  Everything on my desk at work is need and tidy and in its place.  This carries over into the studio.  I share that studio with 3 guys.  2 of them are on the air together for the morning show.  The other one is on the air after me in the afternoons.  Between the three of them there is a lot of potential for that studio to get very messy, and it does when I’m not here.  But as long I am in the building that studio is perfectly tidy, because I can not function or concentrate until it is.
  2. A fork with a textured handle or bent tine . . . There is just something about the feel of a fork handle that has a textured design.  I can’t hold it.  I will not hold it.  And if it has a bent time then game over!  I will search for another fork until the offending one can be replaced.  I don’t have a fear of texture, design, or misshapen items.  Symmetry is just very important to me, which is why I can’t use a fork with a bent time.  And eating utensils do not need design.  We are not hanging them on walls as a piece of art, so why do they need to be decorated.  Nope.  Can’t do it.  Just give me a plain-handled, unbent fork and I will be a happy camper.
  3. Tardiness/Lack of promptness . . . I go out of my way to be on time, and preferably early, for everything.  To not be on time is rude and shows a lack of respect.  I can not stand for people to leave me waiting.  There are few things that make me angrier than when someone is late.  There is no grace period in my world.  There is no 5-minute-window.  If you are not exactly on time then you are late, no questions asked, and you have shown me that you feel your time is more important than mine, and thus you have little to no respect for me or my time.  This is an inexcusable offense that will lead me to manipulate information regarding future plans to ensure that you arrive on time.

Good grief!  Reading that list and I realize that I sound just like my grandfather, especially on number 3.

Until next time . . .

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