30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 19 – 5 Fears That You Have and Why


Sometimes fears can be big and debilitating.  Sometimes fears can be small and, at times, comical.  Either way no person is lacking of something that makes then uncomfortable, out of control, and powerless.  We all have fears.  Today I shall tell you mine.

Day 19:  5 fears that you have and why

01.  Spiders
They are small.  They are creepy.  They are sneaky.  They are teeny and have 9-thousand legs.  I am 4’10” and only have two legs.  Giraffes are ginormous and only have four legs.  Why do spiders need all those extra legs?  They bite, and some species are poisonous.  Just seeing a spider is enough to reduce me to a screaming, frozen mess of inhumanity.  I can focus on only one thing in that moment, and that is only of making that spider go away.  I got bit on the leg by a brown recluse when I was very young.  There is no scar left from that bite, and I have no memory of it.  Whether or not my fear of spiders stems from that event, I do not know, but in my opinion the only good spider is a dead spider.
02.  Heights
03.  Falling
Those two go hand-in-hand.  After all, it’s not the fall that will kill you, it’s the landing.  I try to avoid going above a height that could result in my death if I fall.
04.  Driving on snowy roads.
It’s not the snow that scares me.  I drive like a bat out of hell on clear, dry roads.  But the moment that snow starts to fall I slow down so much that snails leave me in their dust.  I respect slick, snowy roads, and know that a false move could land me in a ditch or much worse.  What I fear when driving on snowy roads is the other drivers, the ones who drive on snow and ice as if it’s a hot, clear summer day, the ones who weave in and out of traffic, and don’t respect other motorists to slow down.  Those are the drivers that cause the accidents.
05.  Public speaking
Yes, I know I work at a radio station, and I spend 5 hours a day on the air talking to several thousand people.  It makes no sense that I have a deep and intense fear of public speaking.  When I am in my studio I am in there alone.  I am not talking to people.  I am talking to my microphone.  There are no eyes staring back at me.  When I am in front of a group of people there are LOTS of eyes squaring back at me.  I can speak to thousands of people everyday from the comfort and solitary safety of my studio, but put in in front of those people and I freeze up faster than power lines in an ice storm.

None of my fears are debilitating.  I can function easily day-to-day despite my fears.  At times they have created moments of great amusement.  I don’t know if I will ever conquer my fears, but right now I have adapted my life to live around them.

Until next time . . .


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