30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 21 – Your Zodiac/Horoscope and Whether You Think It Fits You


Hey, baby, what’s your sign?
Humans have always been obsessed with understand in themselves and others better.  We invest in self-help books, take classes, join groups, go to therapists, and consult THE MOST reliable source for information . . . The newspaper.  Generally hidden near the classifieds or comics is a small section that lists 12 tiny paragraphs that are meant to define to us our personality based on when we were born.

Day 21 – Your zodiac/horoscope and whether you think it fits you

There are people who believe with absolute certainty that the date of your birth, and the alignment of the planets, stars, and moon can completely define your personality.
I am NOT. One of those people.
Being born under a waning moon in December no more affects your personality that being born under a waxing moon in May.  The alignment of Venus and Neptune in relation to Mercury in no manner determines whether your are an introvert or and extrovert.
Personalities are a result of our environment.  As children we learn from those around us, and that is when our personality is shaped.  I read once that everything about a person’s personality is set by the time they are 7 years old.  7 years of the influence of parents, siblings, friends, and teachers to define who you are.
Not to mention, horoscopes are written so vaguely that they apply to anyone reading them.  Example:  “As a Sagittarius you are an extrovert who often values their alone time.  You work well in with people who are of a like mind in regards to creativity, and do some of your best work on your own.  Love is very important to the Sag.  Today you will hear some news you find very interesting.”
(Horoscope courtesy of myself.  It doesn’t take an astrologist to write that useless and meaningless crap.)
Horoscopes tell you nothing, NOTHING, about who you are.  No matter what “sign” you were born under, if you open the newspaper to read your sign you will read the exact same thing, just worded differently, under each of the 12 signs.
If you really want to know who you are then open your eyes and pay attention to your own behavior.
If you really want to understand your personality then get your face out of the newspaper and get a journal.  Write about each day and reread what you wrote about yourself.
Until next time . . .


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