30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 25 – 4 Weird Traits You Have


To define something as weird means that people view it as out-of-the-box, not normal, and possibly even socially unacceptable.  But if you think about it, we are all weird.  We are all a bundle of quirks and idiosyncrasies that keep us from being just like everyone else.  Could you imagine how boring this world would be if everyone were exactly the same.  If you think that sounds like a good idea then take the time to watch the movie “Stepford Wives.”  Hopefully then you will see that weird traits, quirks, and idiosyncrasies are beautiful and embraceable, and not at all weird.

Day 25 – 4 weird traits you have

I don’t find anything about myself weird.  I am unique.  I am an individual.  I am colorful, and sparkley, and an embracer off all things happy and joyous.  So to try to write this post I would have to try to look at myself and see me the way someone boring and unsparkley would see me.  This may prove to be quite a task . . .

1.  I blog under the pseudonym of Carrie Leigh, although I have used my real name in a few posts, and even came out of the pseudonym closet several months ago, revealing my entire real name and several pictures of myself.  But since A Tale of A T-Rex was born under a pseudonym I decided to continue to use it.  Just think of me as a much shorter, more sparkley, less horrific, female Stephen King and Richard Bachman.
2.  I am only 4’10”, and my feet are small enough that I can wear kids shoes.  They are way cuter than adult-sized shoes, and cheaper, too.
3.  I choke easily.  My little flappy-thing that covers your windpipe when you are eating doesn’t always function properly.  When I was a baby I spit up A LOT more than the average baby, and once spit up all over the Christmas tree (sorry, mom).  Now I just randomly can choke, which leads to a lot of coughing and always ends with exactly two sneezes, no more and no less.
4.  My eyes are grey.  Not ice blue, cornflower blue, or even gunmetal blue.  They are grey, just grey.  My mom’s eyes are blue.  My dad’s are were blue and changed to green.  I got stuck with grey.

For the record, no of those things listed above seem at all weird to me.  They all seem like pieces of the pizzle that make me an individual, but whatever.

Until next time . . .


30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 24 – Something You Miss


Things in our life come and go.  Ultimately everything in life is temporary, no matter the length of time it spends in your life.  Even physical life itself here on Earth is temporary.  It is only when a person who has found salvation through Jesus Christ gets to Heaven that they will find eternal and permanent life.
With as easily as everything passes through the fingers of time in our life we tend to occasionally look back over the years and reminisce.  We think about what is no longer in our life.  Some of those things make us happy that they are gone.  Some things we would be happy if they were back in our life.
It is just that which today’s writing challenge is about.

Day 24 – Something you miss

I miss several things in my life.  In my 38 (almost 39) years many things have come and gone, some of which I would love to have back.
1.  My grandmother, Mary – She died of lung cancer in 2003.  I never got the chance to tell her goodbye before she passed away.  It took me a very long to get over that.  She never met my husband, stepdaughter, or son.  She never got to see me finally come to Christ.  She was an amazing, smart, strong, beautiful woman, and I can not wait to see her in Heaven when my time comes.
2.  The simplicity of childhood – coloring, juice boxes, riding bikes around the neighborhood with your friend from across the street, cartoons, the only responsibilities you had were your daily chores, waking up wondering what the day would bring, and then being tucked in at night by your mom, a life with nothing but possibility and dreams in front of you, never having experienced a broken heart.
3.  My clarinet – I started playing when I was 9 years old in the 4th grade.  My mom rented and instrument for me so that I could join the school band.  My family never had extra money, so after a couple of months the clarinet had to go back to the store.  My mom just could afford to rent it any longer.  She was having to choose between clarinet rental or paying utilities.  When I told my band teacher he lent me a school instrument.  I used that old, ugly clarinet until I finished my time in elementary school at the end of 6th grade.  My dad bought me a clarinet to use for the remainder of my band career, which lasted until I was 22 years old.  That clarinet saw me through varsity band, concert band, marching band, jazz band, pep band, and pit orchestra.  I loved to play that clarinet.
4.  My first car, a 1986 Toyota Pickup truck – Her name was Baby (I name all of my vehicles).  I always wanted a Toyota pickup truck, and my dad bought one when I was in high school.  When I got my drivers license at 17 years old my dad gave me his truck.  I loved that truck.  She was blue, with tri-tone silver stripes.  She was made when a/c was still an option, and her original owner opted to not get it.  She had big aftermarket wheels and tires.  Her stereo was an old-school turn-dial tuner with no even a cassette player.  She broke down a lot.  She leaked oil, which is what finally did her in.  I was bad about not checking her oil level.  Eventually all of her oil leaked out and the engine locked up.  I couldn’t afford a new motor.  In June, 1999, after 186,000 miles my Baby went to the junk yard.  I had my first car accident in that truck.  I got my first ticket in that truck.  I made out with a boy for the first time in that truck.  I discovered the freedom of the open road in that truck.  I loved her.  Every once in a while I see old Toyota Pickup’s that look almost exactly like my truck, and I smile.

Until next time . . .

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 23 – A Family Member You Dislike


Family.  We love them.  They drive us crazy.  They share some of our most meaningful moments.  They lift us up when we have fallen.  They know our history and share in our future.  But, let’s be honest, despite how much we love our family, there are certain members of family tree that we just don’t like.

Day 23: A family member you dislike

Some people will see this post topic and immediately think, “oh you shouldn’t hate anyone, especially your family.”
There is a huge difference between “hate” and “dislike.”
To hate someone you have to actually put forth effort to have no love for them in your heart.  By hating a person they have control over you and your life by the way you feel about them.  You go out of your way to avoid them.  You may berate them, or gossip about them.  They, and your feelings for them, are in control of you.  Hate is an ugly beast.
To dislike someone means that you still love them, but there is some aspect of their life or personality that you just don’t mesh with in such a way that makes you need to distance yourself from them.
I love all of my family.
I dislike a few family members.
My uncle Scott and his wife, my aunt Melanie . . .
My dad is a recovering drug addict.  His road of addiction and recovery has been long and painful.  His addiction addicted everyone around him to the point that almost everyone felt that it would be best to cut themselves off from him.  I understand that need to put distance between them and him, but I couldn’t do it.  He’s my dad.  I cared too much about him to throw away the last familial relationship he had left.
My aunt and uncle, my dad’s sister-in-law and brother, informed me one day that they no longer wished to associate with me because I still had a relationship with my dad.  They put me in a position to pick between them and him.  I chose my dad.  He needed support.  He needed somebody in his corner to see him through his addiction and recovery.  According to my aunt and uncle I did not make the correct decision.  They have spoken to me in 3 years because I wouldn’t turn my back on my father for them.
I love my aunt and uncle.  I miss their kids, my cousins.  But I dislike my aunt and uncle for turning their back on me because I wouldn’t turn my back on my father
Until next time . . .

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 22 – Your Morning Routine


Once again I have gotten behind on my daily posts for this 30 day writing challenge.  I don’t have commitment issues.  If anything, I overcommit, and thus never have time for anything.  Busy, busy, busy.  I started this challenge with the clear intentions of making one post one each of the topics for the allotted thirty days.  Instead what has happened is that last weekend and this weekend I am having to make a gazillion posts to catch up with where I have fallen behind.  Maybe I should wake up a few minutes earlier and add post-writing to my morning routine.

Day 22 – Your morning routine
5:45 a.m.  Shut my alarm clock off; get out of bed; light a cigarette; go to the bathroom; check email; check Facebook
6:00 a.m.  Get in the shower
6:20-6:30 a.m.  Get out of the shower; dry off, get dressed
6:45 a.m.  Wake up my son, Nathan
6:50 a.m.  Get back into the bathroom to tame my hair and put my make-up on while fighting for space with my son while he brushes his teeth and combs his hair
7:15 a.m.  Leave house
7:23 a.m.  Drop Nathan off at school
7:33 a.m.  Stop at gas station for my morning Dr. Pepper
8:30 a.m.  Arrive at work

Until next time . . .