30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 23 – A Family Member You Dislike


Family.  We love them.  They drive us crazy.  They share some of our most meaningful moments.  They lift us up when we have fallen.  They know our history and share in our future.  But, let’s be honest, despite how much we love our family, there are certain members of family tree that we just don’t like.

Day 23: A family member you dislike

Some people will see this post topic and immediately think, “oh you shouldn’t hate anyone, especially your family.”
There is a huge difference between “hate” and “dislike.” 
To hate someone you have to actually put forth effort to have no love for them in your heart.  By hating a person they have control over you and your life by the way you feel about them.  You go out of your way to avoid them.  You may berate them, or gossip about them.  They, and your feelings for them, are in control of you.  Hate is an ugly beast.
To dislike someone means that you still love them, but there is some aspect of their life or personality that you just don’t mesh with in such a way that makes you need to distance yourself from them.
I love all of my family.
I dislike a few family members.
My uncle Scott and his wife, my aunt Melanie . . .
My dad is a recovering drug addict.  His road of addiction and recovery has been long and painful.  His addiction addicted everyone around him to the point that almost everyone felt that it would be best to cut themselves off from him.  I understand that need to put distance between them and him, but I couldn’t do it.  He’s my dad.  I cared too much about him to throw away the last familial relationship he had left.
My aunt and uncle, my dad’s sister-in-law and brother, informed me one day that they no longer wished to associate with me because I still had a relationship with my dad.  They put me in a position to pick between them and him.  I chose my dad.  He needed support.  He needed somebody in his corner to see him through his addiction and recovery.  According to my aunt and uncle I did not make the correct decision.  They have spoken to me in 3 years because I wouldn’t turn my back on my father for them.
I love my aunt and uncle.  I miss their kids, my cousins.  But I dislike my aunt and uncle for turning their back on me because I wouldn’t turn my back on my father
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