30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 25 – 4 Weird Traits You Have


To define something as weird means that people view it as out-of-the-box, not normal, and possibly even socially unacceptable.  But if you think about it, we are all weird.  We are all a bundle of quirks and idiosyncrasies that keep us from being just like everyone else.  Could you imagine how boring this world would be if everyone were exactly the same.  If you think that sounds like a good idea then take the time to watch the movie “Stepford Wives.”  Hopefully then you will see that weird traits, quirks, and idiosyncrasies are beautiful and embraceable, and not at all weird.

Day 25 – 4 weird traits you have

I don’t find anything about myself weird.  I am unique.  I am an individual.  I am colorful, and sparkley, and an embracer off all things happy and joyous.  So to try to write this post I would have to try to look at myself and see me the way someone boring and unsparkley would see me.  This may prove to be quite a task . . .

1.  I blog under the pseudonym of Carrie Leigh, although I have used my real name in a few posts, and even came out of the pseudonym closet several months ago, revealing my entire real name and several pictures of myself.  But since A Tale of A T-Rex was born under a pseudonym I decided to continue to use it.  Just think of me as a much shorter, more sparkley, less horrific, female Stephen King and Richard Bachman.
2.  I am only 4’10”, and my feet are small enough that I can wear kids shoes.  They are way cuter than adult-sized shoes, and cheaper, too.
3.  I choke easily.  My little flappy-thing that covers your windpipe when you are eating doesn’t always function properly.  When I was a baby I spit up A LOT more than the average baby, and once spit up all over the Christmas tree (sorry, mom).  Now I just randomly can choke, which leads to a lot of coughing and always ends with exactly two sneezes, no more and no less.
4.  My eyes are grey.  Not ice blue, cornflower blue, or even gunmetal blue.  They are grey, just grey.  My mom’s eyes are blue.  My dad’s are were blue and changed to green.  I got stuck with grey.

For the record, no of those things listed above seem at all weird to me.  They all seem like pieces of the pizzle that make me an individual, but whatever.

Until next time . . .


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