30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 26 – Things You’d Say To An Ex


My mom once gave me a wonderful bit of wisdom after a break up:  “Boyfriends are like jeans.  You have to try on several to find the one that fits perfectly.”
I had my first boyfriend when I was 13 years old.  His name was Dave McFall.  I’m friends with him to this day.
I married my husband, Rob, when I was 28 years old.  We just celebrated our 11th anniversary.
15 years of trying on boyfriends like jeans in the world of dating.  Some were very wrong.  Some were almost right.  Some were just meant for partying.  Some were meant for adventure.  Some were meant to teach me and help me grow.  Some broke my heart.  One tried to take from me what I didn’t want to give him.
Over the years I have made peace with my dating years, and can look back on them fondly (for the most part).  But there are always things that go unsaid when relationships come to an end.

Day 26 – Thing you say to an ex
Some of these things apply to more than one person in my history.  And in some cases, several of these apply to just one person.  I won’t use names though, because I know what needs to be said to whom, and that is all that matters.  I will simply put these statements out into the great big void the things that were left unsaid in my years of dating . . .

“I’m sorry that I took you for granted.”
“I forgive you for cheating on me.”
“I’m sorry I wasn’t the girl you needed me to be.”
“Thank you for showing me where I needed to be.”
“I’m sorry I smothered you and pushed you away.”
“I wouldn’t be here if it hadn’t been for you.”
“I forgive you for that night in my truck.”
“I forgive you for your mental and physical abuse.”
“I forgive you for lying to me.”
“I forgive you for using me.”
“Thank you for your patience.”
“Thank you for putting up with all of my baggage.  I’m sorry I dragged it into our relationship.”
“Thank you for your support.”
“Thank you for the adventure.”

Until next time . . .


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