30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 28 – The Word/Phrase That You Use Constantly


A signature statement.  Or in radio, what is referred to as a crutch.  A word or phrase that you use constantly.  You may use it so often that it has become an unconscious remark.
For me it’s the word “so.”
On the air at work, in general conversation, everywhere.
“So, I was getting ready for work this morning . . . ”
“So, check out this great event we have coming up with Froggy . . . ”
“So, coming up in just a few minutes . . . ”
“So . . . ”
“So . . . ”
“So . . . ”
I first noticed it several years ago when I was out on a live broadcast.  I must have used the word “so” 9-thousand times.  It had officially become my crutch, the word that I lean on to carry me through a break on-air.  I have tried to break myself of it, but to no avail “so” remains, for better or for worse, my word that I use constantly.
Until next time . . .


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