God at work

I am sitting at my desk right now.  There is work that I should be doing.  But everything seems so small and insignificant at the moment.  Work can wait.  There is plenty of time for everything else.  Right now, in this exact moment, all I want to do, all I can do, is praise God!

A very dear and close friend has made the decision to come to Christ.  My heart is overflowing with joy, love, praise, and amazement.  I want to shout from rooftops and get down on my knees.  I am bouncing off the walls.

Yes, I am thankful for every lost soul that manages to break free of Satan’s grip and find their way to Christ.  But this person, this wonderful soul that has been born anew, means so much more to me.  I have been praying for him for such a long time.  I have pleaded with God to work in his life and to soften his heart.  I wondered if God was hearing me.  Patience is not one of my virtues, but everything happens in God’s time.  He works things out for His glory, not ours.  And all the glory goes to God as my friend becomes my brother in Christ, a child of the one true and glorious King.

I had feared for so long that when our time here on Earth was done that our friendship would also be done.  I feared that death would forever separate the bond that we have forged over the years.  But fear is a lack of faith.  I wasn’t having faith in God’s ever-perfect timing.  Don’t you love it when God smiles down and says, “I told you to have faith.  I told you to watch and see what I can do.”

The extent of God’s love and grace truly is without limits.  I am not worthy of His love, and today I am in awe and so thankful.

God is so good!

Until next time . . .


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