Just because it’s useless doesn’t mean you won’t ever use it


It’s been a while since I have done any kind of useless-trivia-killing-time-mental-floss post.  It is extremely overdue.  I adore mentalfloss.com.  I could (and have) spent a lot of time on that website going from one article to another.  I never actually learned anything that I needed to know, but I now know a lot of stuff that I never needed to know.  It’s glorious!

On a side note, when I googled images of mental floss the one above was the first to pop up.  Alton Brown is AWESOME!  He is my culinary hero.  Good Eats was one of the greatest shows to ever be on television, and I still haven’t fully forgiven Alton Brown for making the decision to stop making new shows.  I adored the burping yeast sock puppets.

Now, if you have missed any of my other mental floss posts you can catch up with them here . . .

50 Things You Had No Idea That You Didn’t Know And Now You Do

Not Working At Work

Mental Floss Monday

With winter weather looming tonight and into tomorrow in my little neck of the woods, here is an article about the men and women who spend their career telling us when it’s going to snow.  This article makes me glad I’m in radio, and don’t have to worry about being seen everyday.  I can wear whatever I want to work.  Although, I have always thought that the studio needed a webcam, but I’m glad it doesn’t because I’m pretty sure as least one of my co-workers picks his nose while in the studio.  No listener wants to see that online.  Eww!  11 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of TV Meteorologists

The appendix isn’t just a useless, stinking, couch-surfing, out-of-work organ after all.  Although, it sounds like a researcher may have been far too emotionally attached to his appendix and needed to prove that he did not, in fact, have the wherewithal to part with it.  Give it up, dude!  The appendix went out of fashion with the cavemen.  Immunology Study Suggests Appendix Has Use After All

Holy hell!  I hate this song!  The Most Frequently Played Song In the World Is One Everyone Hates

Ever want to know what others are asking Google regarding the state you live in?  I tried this upon finding this article and found that the top asked questions regarding my Bluegrass State are “Why is Kentucky so poor?” “Why is Kentucky so stupid?”  Why is Kentucky so racist?” and “Why is Kentucky so bad at football?”  I was born in South Carolina, which the rest of the country apparently thinks is dangerous.  I grew up in Missouri, and little did I know that apparently Missouri is racist, according to this map.  And all this time I thought Missouri was the greatest place in the world for baseball.  GO CARDS!  Find out What People Think Of Your State, According To Google.

Because, pie!  8 Forgotten Pie Recipes We Should Bring Back

Urban legends are just so darn believable!  And then mix then with music and that is the stuff that only dreams are made of.  But just in case you would like to find out the truth, although I still firmly believe that Phil Collins watched a man drown while writing “In The Air Tonight.”  Debunking 6 Rock-n-Roll Urban Legends

Who hasn’t seen this before?  Happens every time I stay at a hotel.  Watch A Herd Of Elephants Walk Through A Hotel

Of course blowing in the Nintendo cartridge really helped.  What a dumb question. What kid of the early 90’s didn’t swear by this technique when Super Mario, Tetris, or Dunk Hunt started acting a bit wonky.  Just blow in it!  Did Blowing In Nintendo Cartridges Really Help?

As if the Victorian Times were difficult enough, what with illness and those ridiculously huge dresses, 7 Way Victorian Fashion Could Kill You.  I hate it when my clothes try to kill me.  Yet another reason why I always try to wear minimal clothing.  If you don’t wear it, it can’t kill you.

Turns out there is more to the man who, “Quoth the raven, Nevermore,” before dying under extremely mysterious circumstances.  5 things You Didn’t Know About Edgar Allen Poe

That should keep you sufficiently entertained for a bit, and give you enough articles to start clicking your way down the mental floss road to killing hours without even being aware of it.

Until next time . . .


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