Fingers, toes, kneecaps, nose, and every single hair on your head

How many times have you heard a song and not given it much thought, and then one day **BOOM** the lyrics smack you right in the head.  You truly hear the song for the first time, listening to the lyrics, and you wonder how you never heard the song the way you are hearing it in that exact moment.  Why that moment?  What makes that particular moment any different from the 5-thousand other times you have heard that song?

That happens to me.  It happened to me this morning.  I was driving to work in the rain, heading toward the southside of Paducah from the courthouse (I got called for jury duty this month-FUN!).  I had K-Love playing on the radio, and Natalie Grant’s “Alive” came on.  I have heard this song countless times.  But today, for some reason, I actually HEARD the song, and the first few lines smacked me in the face like a ton of bricks.

“Who but You
Could breathe and leave a trail of galaxies
And dream of me?”

We’re all familiar with Luke 12:7, “Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.”  But how many times have you really given thought to the fact that God created you?  I don’t mean that God picked up a piece of play-dough, rolled it around in his hands for a little while, and there you were.  I mean that God created you the way that Michelangelo created David. 

God created every single cell of your body.  He created the color of your eyes, the quirky way your fingers bend.  He created the way your nose turns up just a bit.  He created your fingernails, your eyelashes, your shoulder blades, and every single hair on your hair.  He molded and shaped you.  God is the original artist and you are his masterpiece.

I have never had a hard time believing that part of creation.  God’s word tells us that very thing . . .

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” (Psalm 139:13)

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart . . . ” (Jeremiah 1:5 A)

But how often have you thought about the fact that the God that created you is the God that created the entire world, the universe, the entire galaxy.  He breathed everything into creation with the sound of his voice.  This is the God that said Let there be light,” (Genesis 1:3) and there was light.  He is the same God that put that little mole on your chin.

For the first time I really felt so small, when the lines from “Alive” played in my car today.  I had never given much in-depth thought to the fact that God truly created me.  He chipped away stone to create a masterpiece when he made me, just as he did with you.  He expertly mixed the paint and carefully brushed it on his canvas to create a work of art in you that is more valuable than the Mona Lisa.  The same God that created every animal and plant on earth, and every cloud and star in the sky, created the unusual shape of my fingernails and my thick eyebrows. (Thankfully God also created the wax that tames those eyebrows).

Yes, that song is beautiful.  To listen to the words can make you think about God’s role in your life, and how you truly came into existence.  But take a moment to read the lyrics . . . really read them.

Who but You
Could breathe and leave a trail of galaxies
And dream of me?
What kind of Love
Is writing my story until the end
With Mercy’s pen?
Only You
What kind of king
Would choose to wear a crown that bleeds and scars
To win my heart?
What kind of Love
Tells me I’m the reason He can’t stay
Inside the grave?
You. Is it You?
Standing here before my eyes
Every part of my heart cries

Alive! Alive!
Look what Mercy’s overcome
Death has lost and Love has won
Alive! Alive! Hallelujah, Risen Lord
The only One I fall before
I am His because He is alive.

Who could speak
And send the demons back from where they came
With just one Name?
What other heart
Would let itself be broken every time until He healed mine?
You. Only You
Could turn my darkness into dawn
Running right into Your arms


Emmanuel, the promised King
The baby who made angels sing
Son of Man who walked with us
Healing, breathing in our dust
The author of all history
The answer to all mysteries
The Lamb of God who rolled away
The stone in front of every grave

Alive! Alive! Look what Mercy’s overcome
Death has lost and Love has won
Alive! I am His because He is alive.

Everything God does is to bring us closer to Him.  Every action he takes.  Every word he speaks.  It’s all to bring us closer to Him.  Why?  Because He loves us that much.  When we laugh, He rejoices for our joy.  When we cry, His heart breaks for our sadness.  He loves us so much that He gave His Son to save us from our own sin.  Could you do that?  Have you ever loved someone so much that you would give one of your own children to save that other person?  That is how much God loves us, and that love started the moment he had the idea for you.

He knew you before He created you, and He loved you before He created you.


Yes, YOU!

Not just all the people in your church.  Not just all the people in your city, state, country.  Not just all the people in the world.


God loves you, and has loved you since before he started knitting you together in you mother’s womb.

You are His masterpiece.

He are His greatest creation.

Of everything in the universe, you are the creation that God is the most proud of

Until next time . . .

(All verse text courtesy of

(Natalie Grant “Alive” lyrics courtesy of


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