June Scripture Writing Plan-Romans

Romans Scripture Writing Plan 05-25-16

Romans Scripture Writing Plan 05-25-16 pdf

The apostle Paul fascinates me.  His story is unbelievable when you think about it.  He was a Pharisee what made it his personal mission to kill all followers of “The Way,” followers of Jesus Christ.  He hated believers.  He hunted them down, and was determined to remove them all from the face of the earth.  If any one man was consumed by hatred, it was Paul (still known then as Saul).

But then one day, as he was traveling the road to Damascus, he encountered Jesus, the very same Jesus that he did not believe existed.  He was face-to-face with the son of God.  No longer could he deny the existence of Jesus.  No longer could he persecute the followers of Jesus.  No longer could he feel hatred toward them, and be filled with murderous rage that he had spent so long acting upon.  No more . . . because after that encounter with Jesus on a dirt road to Damascus, Saul became a follower of Jesus as well.  He became who he had spent years persecuting.  He became who he had spent years hating.  He became who he had spent years hunting down and murdering.  He became Paul, the apostle who is responsible for writing more than half of the New Testament.

Paul spent his life traveling the world, sharing the word of Jesus with anyone that would listen.  His life’s mission went from seeing all believers physically dead, to seeing that the spiritually dead became believers.  He preached.  He spoke.  He ran the good race, because God saw something in Saul that could change the world for the cause of Christ.  And as Paul, his impact was felt the world over.

I have created a scripture writing plan for June based on the book of Romans, the first book in the New Testament written by Paul.  My goal is to create a new writing plan each month for each of Paul’s books.  I look forward to this journey, and I hope you enjoy the journey with me.

Feel free to share this writing plan with your friends, family, church, anyone that you think might enjoy it.  If you share it on your own blog, or on social media I simply ask that you credit me as the creator of the writing plan, and add a link back to “A Tale of a T-Rex.”

Until next time . . .

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