Bipolar Bladder (or Adventures In Trying To Not Pee)

unlock front door

It never fails.  You were just in your car.  Going to the bathroom was the furthest thing from your mind.  But the EXACT moment that your key touches the lock on your front door your bladder suddenly feels as if it is the Hoover Dam and it all wants out NOW!  You manage to make it in the door . . . barely . . . and do that oh-so-delightful half-legged walk to the bathroom as you try to keep from peeing on yourself.  Those moments are just more of the ways that our body tries to assert its authority over us.  Stupid bladder!

Another time the bladder does that exact same thing to me . . . the moment I turn the mic on at work to do a break.  And the longer the break, the worse my bladder says that I need to pee.  There is nothing quite like trying to do a break about a contest, or a charitable organization, and all I can think about is “how fast can I get this break done and still make it to the bathroom.  I’ve decided that Depends undergarments were actually invented for people in the radio business who just can not get away from the microphone.

On a side note, the phone in the studio could go all day without ringing.  But the moment I leave the studio to go to the bathroom, that phone starts ringing off the hook.  It never fails!
Why is it that right now I do have to go to the bathroom, but in the time it took you to read that, my bladder could have changed its mind as fast as teenage girl, and decided that NOW it must be emptied.

Oh, bladder, you never fail to keep life interesting.

Until next time . . .


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